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American Auto Sales and Rental,

Over the past 15 years, my wife, Martha and I have purchased family cars from your company. The courtesy, kindness and assistance, was, and is, outstanding.
Because of your fairness, Martha and I are very satisfied with your company, it will be a pleasure to do business with your company in the future.

Charles and Martha Glover


Because of our recent pleasant experience buying a car at
American Auto Sales, you can bet we'll shop there in the future, and we expect they'll get the sales. Here's why: after a week of looking at cars in our price range at local dealerships, we went to American Auto Sales. They showed us a car that was a year newer with ten thousand fewer miles and a higher original sticker price than anything we had seen so far. We liked it, and bought it, and six months later we still like it. A lot.

But even more impressive than the great deal they offered was the upstanding way they dealt with an unexpected complication. American Auto Sales believed the car we bought carried and extended warranty option which we could buy from Chrysler for $150. Unfortunately, when we went to the Chrysler dealer to buy the warranty we were told our car was not actually eligible for that discounted option. Before going back to American Auto Sales to tell them of the problem, we talked to a few people with car sales experience and heard more than once we were likely screwed, that we should have confirmed the warranty with Chrysler before we bought the car and we would pay for our lack of due diligence. Buyer beware, and all that. But Mike Koebel of American Auto Sales could not have been more helpful. He took responsibility for the misunderstanding and found a better warranty than the one we'd expected and, though it cost him much more than $150 we were happy to pay, got it for us. American Auto Sales is one outstanding company.

Lonie and Lynne Stanley